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Welcome - Yes it is possible to recover

The Freedom From Fear Recovery Group is run by anxiety and ex-anxiety sufferers. We run it on a not for profit basis and offer our members a practical program for recovery from anxiety, depression and associated anxiety based symptoms.

Our mission is simply to provide as many people as possible with the resources that they need to free themselves from the devastating effects of anxiety, depression, obsessions, panic attacks, agoraphobia and nervous fatigue. Our program and support forum provide members with the tools to recover and stay recovered.

If you identify with the conditions and symptoms described through this website then our message to you is simple. The suffering that you are experiencing, no matter how severe it is currently, is not permanent or serious. In fact, given the right help and your participation, it will fade away for good.

Find out more about us, anxiety and how we can help by watching our video and going through the links on the left hand side of this page.